Policy Statements

VT TU Council Comments on Required Agricultural Practices. Added to page 12/20/15

Vermont Trout Unlimited Comments on Pre-Draft RAPs 111815

Below is the initial comment by the MadDog Chapter of Trout Unlimited (MDTU) on the recommendations by the parties regarding the relicensing process for the hydroelectric facilities operated by Morrisville Water and Light (MW&L), known as the Morrisville, Cadys Falls, and Green River facilities (the facilities).  Added to page 12/20/15

MadDogTU letter to DEC re MWL flow Mar212014

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources draft 401 water quality certificate for hydro projects run by Morrisville Water and Light.

2016-01-07; Public_Notice_Draft_Morrisville_401

Central and MadDog TU Comments on DEC Draft 401 certificate for Morrisville Light and Water

Final Draft TU Comments on Morrisville WL Draft 401

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