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MadDog TU Board Minutes 030916


Unapproved minutes from February 2016 MDTU Board meeting.

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Unapproved minutes from November 2015 MDTU Board meeting.

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Board Meeting Minutes 

November 18, 2015 

Attendees: Clark Amadon, Kurt Budlinger, Colin Cascadden, Don Coffey, Bob Hynes, Jared Carpenter.


  • No changes.
  • Don motion to accept, Colin second, no discussion, unanimous approval.


  • Balances as of 11/18 – $7,338.46 Chapter and $3,717.00 Camp.
  • Chapter balance includes $1,018 check for TIC.
  • Bill for trees for Nov 7 planting came in today, Don said was about $600.
  • Motion to accept Don, Colin second, further discussion on TIC funding,
  • Further discussion: Jared said has been electronically monitoring bank accounts.
  • Inventory – discussion on process to be used, goal to get it done by end of January, Colin will set up Google doc for people to access and add items in their possession; Trout Camp will discuss at next meeting, Warren will inventory Trout Camp equipment.
  • Unanimous vote.


  • No report other than Minutes.


  • Rod Raffle; Bill Cato (spelling?) donated a Philipson fiberglass rod for raffle, discussion, decided to sell tickets at chapter meetings starting in Dec at $5 / ticket, no maximum number of tickets, will sell until banquet and draw raffle then.  Colin will print 100 tickets to start.
  • Sunny Brook Dam: Tributary of the Dog; Dave Aronson was approached by a neighbor that owns dam, Clark connected Dave with Brian Fitzgerald, who will organize a site visit with DEC, FWR and others to see what can be done about removal.  But dam upstream still needs to be addressed to fully restore the Brook.
  • Warren Dam: Clark provided update on town efforts to get permit to restore dam, ANR letter in response that essentially rejected their approach.
  • Website update:  Ian walked the Board through the website and how to make updates and additions.
  • CEI – Financial Report – 3210 hours of total volunteer time for this past year, mostly for education and outreach; about 200 less hours than last year, but have become more efficient in our projects (difference was in education and conservation); now have budget process and strategic plan to guide actions.


  • Nov 7 planting went well, students from Crossett Brook School participated.
  • In spring, still planning on projects at Sodom Pond in East Montpelier, will approach Selectboard in spring and plan further.
  • Clyde River grant being drafted by Dave and Barry to do restoration work below the old dam to remove sedimentation to restore spawning beds and for some engineering work.
  • Discussed $2,000 watershed grant application for work on the Dog River next year.


  • Discussed member update from National.
  • Jared will email Colin membership card templates.
  • No update on possible film event.
  • Kurt contacted Brian O’Keefe about a winter / spring member fundraising event – he declined for this year due to family issues, has curtailed his speaking engagements in the short run; we will keep him in mind for a possible future event.


  • TIC from Ray
    • Workshop was held on Nov 7 in Middlebury.  There are 8 to 9 TIC projects in the MadDog region, with equipment needed for GMVS and replenishment kits for Harwood and River Rock.
    • The schools in our region are: Harwood Union Middle School, River Rock School, Stowe Elementary, Lamoille Union High School, Eden Central School, North Country, Green Mountain Valley School, Cambridge Elementary, Spaulding High School.
    • Stowe, Lamoille Union, and North Country have not reached out for any assistance from us at this point.  Stowe has been doing this for years. Two of these, Eden and Cambridge, are sponsored by the Central VT chapter.
    • Spaulding High School is the unknown entity. It looks like the teacher may be in the weeds a little bit and it is likely they will defer until next year.
  • Trout Camp from Kurt:
    • Met last night, currently have more money in account than at this time last year, talked about keeping same number of campers and counselors-in-training; have a new short video.
    • At meeting discussed maintaining tuition at same amount with the same level of chapter donations; had some preliminary discussions on private donors; Ray will reach out to Joe Norton re possible funding from Plum Creek.
    • Discussed purchasing stream flow table, Jared will ask Ann Smith at Friends of Winooski about her plans on purchasing one.


  • Strategic Planning on Dec 11, will discuss budgeting, fundraising, goals of Council.
  • Brief discussion on statewide issues, including groundwater draft rule and Act 64 implementation.
  • Joe Mark applied for $5,000 grant for TIC funds.


  • Discussion of date, venue, speakers and raffle items.
  • Decided to lock in April 30 at Commodore’s Inn.
  • Clark had reached out to Bob Mallard about speaking, he replied positively, but would need accommodations and mentioned compensation.
  • Decided to keep same format as last year with a demonstration or something similar before the banquet rather than a speaker during the event.  Discussion on reaching out to another instructor, including Pete from Orvis.  Kurt will reach out to Rachel Finn with Hungry Trout to see if she wants to do lessons on specific casting types (last year was more general) and a demonstration.
  • Still getting some price options for the main raffle item – Ray reaching out to Umiak re a kayak; Jared looking into possible trips, including Cabins at Lopstick, Tall Timber, and West Branch Resort.

Next meeting on Dec 19.

Motion to adjourn by Don, second by Colin, vote unanimous.

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