All Correspondence addressed to:

PO Box 892
VT 05601

Executive Board Members

President:  Jared Carpenter


 Vice President & Membership Chair: Samantha Aronson

Treasurer: Joe Nailor

Secretary & TIC Chair: Clark Amadon









Trout Camp Director: Kurt Budliger



Board Members


Nancy Thomas
Daphne Zencey
Brian Divelbliss


  1. Trying to order several of your t shirts. Click on buy now and the paypal page won’t load. It just goes to web crawler.

  2. Checking on order 860 and 861 t shirts paid for already
    have they shipped

  3. Do you have 2xl t shirts available?

    Tried to order two of them on pay pal . It only came up as $34 no shipping charge showed up. I did not order them because of that.

  4. Hello,

    Just curious if you may have heard of a landing net manufacturer by the name of Vermont trout nets?
    I found one in a thrift store here in Memphis TN and cannot find anything out when I google it. Any info would be appreciated.It is signed and numbered.


  5. Walter M Medwid

    Can anyone help establish a fishing line receptacle at Gardner Park in Newport? There is high angling traffic and citizens are finding lots of line tangles and debris. We know an eaglet was killed in the area from fishing line brought to the nest. Could the chapter takes this on as a volunteer project?

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  8. Can you tell me when the raffle is/was for the fishing boat?

  9. Just an FYI to the board and members. Over the weekend the dam on Thatcher Brook in Waterbury’s Colbyville section (behind the Chinese Restaurant on RT 100) failed. Only a small hole in the dam is visible from the downstream side. It is viewable from behind the Shaw’s supermarket. The dam blocked the flow of the stream, well back into the 1800s, creating a small pond behind it. The pond held lots of silty sediment and allowed the brook waters to warm significantly. Thatcher Brook has headwaters on Mt. Hunger and is well shaded staying pretty cold down to the dam where it did warm considerably. The dam is about a mile above the brook’s confluence with the Winooski River. With the dam’s failure the water in the brook flowing into the Winooski should be considerably cooler. The ownership of the dam is unknown to me, but some owners of property abutting the former pond are already making noise about repairing the dam. We need to make sure that does not happen. The water flowing off Hunger Mt. in Thatcher Brook now can flow freely to the Winooski. The brook trout living in Thatcher below the dam, between it and the river should now have cooler and higher quality water to live in. I hope we can keep it this way.

  10. There was an error when ordering on this website through PayPal however, I am having difficulty locating anyone from this organization to assist with resolving the issue. I’d appreciate it if someone from the Mad Dog Trout Unlimited chapter would contact me to resolve this matter.

  11. As Linda said above, I received a message from paypal saying the amount charged was invalid but no information was provided on how to correct the issue.The email in the PayPal response appears incorrect. Is there anyone I can speak to personally about this?
    Thank you.

  12. hey TU
    Im a member of the rapidan va chapter.
    I will have to luxury of fishing the mad river in End of june, beginning july.
    I was wondering on what flies to tie and bring.
    Fishing for trout mostly
    thank you

  13. Dear sir // madam I am a professional fly tier wholesale & manufacturer. I am asking if we can do some business. Please let me know. thanks

  14. I’m wondering if the fly tying classes will be offered again at the Berlin Annex building?

  15. Hi there!
    Am a fishing flies manufacturer based in Tanzania .I am writing to you to request a flies supplier job from your company.I have got enough manpower for the job .If you enroll me as your supplier i will guarantee Consistency and honesty in this great deal.
    I will also service your orders in a timely manner

  16. Inquiring about you womens weekend for 2024. When will enrollment be available

  17. Please consider Ben Bilello for a Presentation
    Link is below.

    I have a pdf if you provide an email

  18. Teen Camp 2024 website is not found please email me the info please.

    Thank You

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